Saturday, 9 July 2016

Would you rather have wings or balls?

Last night was one of "those nights" where I got caught up in my own little world. I read a cool story about one of my favorite beverages, single malt Scotch. The article talked about the various regions where the nectar of the Gods comes from and how to spot the differences. Of course since I have several different single malts I had to check this out. Well before I knew it the clock was almost two in the morning and, while I didn't have a lot, I was feeling no pain. So I crawled of to slumber land.

During the evening we had this little brew up pass over us. For a while I was outside on the deck until the weather got a little too extreme.  It's one thing to watch the rain and listen to the thunder from the comfort of a deck with a large overhang, but when the wind makes the rain go sideways it's another matter entirely. This morning when I finally crawled out of the rack it was a nice sunny day with just enough clouds to make it interesting. Lucky me there was no hang over just a little lethargy The lethargy was easily fixed with one of my favorite drugs, caffeine, and now all is right with the world.

Why do I call coffee a drug, watch the youtube video to find out. Enough of this rambling... here are a few links. 

Lately I have noticed a bit of a rise in food prices and have bitched a little about it. Well after seeing this I shall complain no more. 

When will they ever learn is a question I ask myself when I see stories like this. In the not so United Kingdom there was an attempt to get the public input on naming a boat with the expected result, Boaty McBoatface, being ignored. In Melbourne the officials have tried the same approach with naming their new Metro stations with the same results.

I know that the fourth of July has come and gone but I keep coming across these stories about what people have done that are soooo silly. Take this guy whose fireworks were big enough to damage houses and in one case move the home off it's foundation.   

I don't know about you but nothing promotes faith in a pilot by his passengers like landing at the wrong airport

I had to add this link seeing the week we have just had with all the bad goings on down South. Take a moment and relax, enjoy the cuteness of these Scottish wildcat kittens... 

On that note I shall leave you now. That's all from me up here North of Disorder.


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