Sunday, 3 July 2016

It's all in the math

It's all in the math... If one goes to bed late one will get up late simple, no? This morning I was up late for this very reason. Yesterday that whole "look we have a social life" thing popped up again. We went over to a friend's place in cottage country for drinks, some dinner, more drinks and a small table top fire plus drinks. 

We were tasked with getting some corn on the cob so on the way up we stopped at a wonderful small town food store that we frequent. In I went and searched for corn and searched some more. After a few minutes of not finding any I did the un-guy thing and asked.  The clerk looked me right in the eye and said "I'm sorry sir (Sir, wow respect at last!) but the last of the corn was sold around an hour ago." No corn, drat. Now it was on to plan B. 

Getting into the truck I explained the situation to my better half. I call my wife my better half simply because she is. Where I was all "what the hell are we gonna do now," she simply responded with a viable alternative as she usually does. She reminded me that other places carry corn on the cob and several were on the way. A short time later she pulled the truck off the highway and into a little fruit and vegetable market parking lot and in I went. A few moments later I came out with a dozen corn.

This is kinda like what we were sitting around.
We arrived at our friends place and so began a nice afternoon. Dinner was a typical summer mishmash and was good. One of the nice things about being at this guys place is he and his wife both know their way around a BBQ and a stove. After dinner we sat around shooting the breeze. A little later it got a bit chilly so my buddy started the fire. He has a cool table on his deck with a long and narrow bit in the middle. He got up turned a knob hit a button and presto, fire. We stayed for a few more hours and then it was time to part company. When we got home my wife and I were still a little wound up so we stayed up for a while. This resulted in our getting up late today.  

Today we are off to another friend's place for swimming, dinner and some good laughs. Mind you the laughs usually start when I peel to my swim trunks and show my "manly" physique. Hey I'm in shape, round is a shape. Oh well the swim will be nice.

That's it for me from up here North of Disorder.   

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