Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hot enough for ya?

Every summer there are around a half dozen nights where the heat makes sleep elusive. When a cat is tossed into the mix for me sleep simply isn't in the cards. Last night was one of “those nights.” This morning I managed to crawl out at a respectable hour but the night has left me feeling like I have done a couple of rounds in a ring with Joe Louis. I've been up a while and that lethargic feeling just will not leave even after taking a cup of that magic elixir of life known as coffee.

Last night my lovely, charming and smarter than me wife suggested that I sleep in the cool basement. Being the guy that I am of course I told here that everything's OK and I would sleep in my own bed. This action on my part was like getting into a fist fight and leading with my face. Well as I learned growing up one lives and learns or one doesn't live long. Tonight I shall be a cellar dweller.

The agenda for today has only three letters on it because of the heat. Those letters are SFA. The first letter stands for sweet the third letter stands for all and as for the middle letter F, I will let you try to figure that out for yourself. Being the nice guy I am, here's a hint: the word rhymes with truck.

So here for you are a few links. Not as many as I would like to bring you but it's hot out and I'm not really in the mood to scour the web as I usually do. 

Hospital opens and the first birth is recorded this was a wonder momentous occasion. Now twenty seven years later that child returns

Silly me I always thought the object of running away from police was to get away from the police. Well it looks like I was wrong

have you ever had difficulty in getting out of a car? This bear sure has had his issues with car interiors and car doors. 

It's one thing to have a data breach exposed to the public. It's a totally different matter to tell the person warning you about the breach before they go to press that they don't know what they are talking about

Well it's after Brexit and your coffee is now a little more expensive.

Tesla auto pilot issues... 'Nuff said

That's it, I've had enough so I'm off the the cool basement.  Signing off from up here North of Disorder.

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