Friday, 1 July 2016

Happy Canada Day

The Red Ensign, Canada's original flag
To one and all Happy Canada Day! Canada came to be one hundred and forty nine years ago. Not in a birth of fire and violence like our American friends but in a more congenial mound of paperwork from England. I guess that's one of the main differences between  Canada and the United States of America. Is Canada better than the United States? Yes. Is Canada worse than the United States? Yes. Is Canada different from the United States? Absolutely. For better or worse Canada is my home, no matter the goings on in Ottawa or the various provinces it will always be my home. 

The Canadian flag adopted in February 15, 1965
Today is going to be a normal Friday for us. I''m not a big fan anymore of large crowds and loud noises. Fireworks don't really do anything for me except promote the occasional nerve twitch so tonight we will have a few friends over for cocktails on our deck. We'll have a few laughs, swap a few tall tails, commensurate about the goings on in other parts of the globe and have a little fun. 

Since it is Canada day here is a story about a guy who thought it would be cool to ride a moose. Yes even in Canada you can't fix stupid. 

Just in time for Canada Day, the folks at the Social Progress Imperative have blessed the world with their list of the top nineteen countries with the highest standard of life. Why not twenty countries as opposed to nineteen? I suspect the gang who put this together kept adding countries until the United States finally made the cut then stopped. 

Meanwhile in the United states there is a push around the country to carry firearms known as concealed or open carry.  In Vermont there is a guy who takes open carry to the extreme... I will leave it at that since I am not one to judge.

Did you know that if you crush a marshmallow bunny just so the result looks just like Kim Jong-Un

Well as for me there are things to do (like a nap attack coming on) and palaces to go (like my bed) so that is all for now from up here North of Disorder.

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