Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Bringing new life to old things

This is my new/old trailer. Note the lid on the side
Looking back over my shoulder at yesterday, I can say that it was a good day. I worked on the new/old trailer for a while until the heat got to me. I've reached the point with the new/old trailer where I actually have a workable plan of action. In addition I actually managed to make some headway with that project. While I didn't get as much done as I wanted, I did get some work done. The lid is off and disassembled which was such a joy to do. The lid was made from a single sheet of one inch thick heavy plywood. Not content with this the builder added additional one inch thick wood supports making it real heavy. If the trailer had a gun mount on it the damn thing would be a tank. The builder used whatever bolts and screws he had on hand. Nothing was standard not even the nut/bolt sizes or types. 

Painted spare tire mount
I found time and again that I had to go back into the workshop to get a different sized wrench/socket/screwdriver because wherever something was bolted on with three or four bolts they wouldn't be the same sizes or some nuts were metric some imperial. Add to all this everything, and I do mean everything, was covered with a very thick heavy coat of paint. The builder even went to the trouble of painting the wires.  I took off the spare tire mount because the amount of paint on it made the damn thing useless. No matter how hard I tried with the trailer mount in a vice the nut simply would not turn so I gave up. I guess I could use paint stripper but I don't want the headache of dealing with the chemicals on the grass.

The new/old trailer wires are in very poor shape
My next quest will be sorting the wires out. It should be a simple task however since the builder painted all the wires red this is a challenge. What I'm actually going to do is pickup new stuff and rewire the trailer. I may add LED tail lights depending upon the price tag. All this is going to have to hold off until the outside heat subsides. 

It's a little after twelve and the difference between the outside and inside temps is noticeable. The weathertainers are calling for triple H (hot humid and hazy) conditions today right through the end of Thursday. Since I don't own a space suit and the outside temps are supposed to mimic the surface of mercury at noon, I'm not planning on doing much for the next few days.

That's a wrap for now from up here, North of disorder.

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