Saturday, 2 July 2016

Brace yourself it's coming...

Well we are almost into the dog days of summer. The kids are out of school the weather is nice (at least today it is) and sunny. These are good days to be alive. Sadly I found out that one of the neighbors, who was dog sitting, had an encounter of the skunk kind the other night. Well actually it wasn't her that had the encounter it was the dog she was dog sitting. Oh well I suspect that after this the mutt will only do it again it is has the chance. 

Last night it was a little chilly for sitting on the deck (seriously?) but we suffered as long as we could. I have to admit I came in first, my wife and our friend are made of tougher stuff than I am. It was kinda cool sitting there hearing all the booms in the distance as the folks around let go their fireworks.

Speaking of fireworks, don't try this at home kids... I just had to add this seeing a video on Facebook with I guy having some fireworks in his crotch.

Can somebody tell me what it is with tourists doing stupid things? Somehow I suspect this German tourist's last words were: "Hey can you hold my beer and watch this?" I figure my wife will give me heck for making fun of this but I really have no tolerance for stupid people. If you guys only new the amount of tourist stupidity that I had to deal with in my last job...

I was reading how a Tesla car was involved in a crash that killed the driver last may. Looks like the driver had it on autopilot when the accident took place. The auto pilot had an issue with picking out a big white painted truck against a very light background. Meanwhile it look like the driver may have been playing with a DVD player. News flash... this is still experimental technology and the onus is on the driver to be aware and ready to take the controls. 

Here is the last link I'm going to post today. This has to be one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. A Canadian guy has invented a wheel/tire combination that will let vehicles go in any direction. Forward, backward, sideways, etc. it it doesn't matter, if the driver wants to go that way the car goes that way. My only issue is how well they will do in winter... 

Winter... Just think we are a little over halfway through the year and the days are getting shorter. We have started the descend so don't waste these good days, before you know it you will be scraping ice off the car then shoveling off the drive way. As for me, I'm off to a friends place for a BBQ and sitting around a fire. Yes there will be drinking but not a lot because I have to drive.  

That's if from me up here North of Disorder. 

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