Saturday, 16 July 2016

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine...

Last night was Friday night and we had a few people over for some laughs, some munchies, some drinks and to relax. Silly me I had forgotten what a cheap drunk I am and polished off the better part of a wine bottle. As the saying goes "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" so this morning I was up and looking for pain killers at the crack of eight forty. Actually it wasn't so much the head issue as it was the eye issue. My head didn't hurt that much but allergies have reared their ugly head. Right now I feel like gouging my eyes out with a spoon. Not to worry this to shall pass due to the antihistamines I just took. Ah, better living through better chemistry. 

I see that the folks in Turkey had an eventful evening. Last night, before the gang came over, word came out that there was a coup under way. Last night I posted "I would say Turkish government is going to evolve significantly in the next few hours if it survives the night." Well the Turkish government managed to hold on and the call has gone out to round up the usual suspects. The final tally for the butcher's bill was 161 killed and 2,839 plotters arrested.

 Remember the other day when a driver took a large truck into a crowd and killed eighty four people in France? As it turns out this could have been a lot worse. Word has surfaced about a guy who got the chance and jumped into the truck as it drove past him. Then he managed to get the driver's attention by wrestling with him which resulted in the truck stopping and the police moving in. He wasn't the only one to try this, another guy on a motorcycle tried as well. Unfortunately for the bike guy, during the attempt he dumped the bike and went under the rear wheels of the truck. I am not going to make fun of these two they did what I would like to think I would try to do. It takes a special kind of person to put themselves in harms way and these two are heroes. 

Last night we got to talking about where we would like to visit on vacation. Personally, while I do have a bit of a bucket list, I live in cottage country so life is good for me. A few of the gang, my lovely wife included, said the would like to visit Australia. I agreed except for the fact the whole country is covered with many things that are out to kill you. In reading the story I was reminded of a novel written by Harry Harrison called Death World. I know, it can't be that bad, but...

Almost forgot... Being the gun nut that I am (hey, I get a bang out of it so sue me) when I saw this story I figured that I would share it. All I will say is this guy needs to pick up some lottery tickets. 

Ah the life of a union guy. Go to work, punch in at the time clock, put in your eight hour shift and go home. Meanwhile the town bosses are wondering why things are not getting done. Well when half the town workers are playing hooky getting things done can be a problem. 

She is ninety one, a lover of crossword puzzles and at a museum where there is a huge piece of art on display based on a crossword puzzle so what could go wrong?

Finally here is a link that shows conclusively how technology has rotted our your brains.

Well I see that I have managed to loose half the morning and there are things that need to get done. That's it from me up here North of Disorder.

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