Monday, 25 July 2016

Another day...

Last night was a good night with the exception of the heat, the cat, the thunderstorms it made for good sleeping. This morning the alarm went off at eight and, with the best of intentions, I found myself fighting to wake up enough so I could  roll over and turn the damn thing off. I figure with the little amount that we create and I get to put on to the curb it could hold off another week. 

It's a nice warm overcast day so this afternoon after I put this puppy to bed I'm going to get some work on the new/old trailer done. Who knows I may actually finish it today. No rush on the project, I'm retired. 

Yesterday my lovely lady and I went to the semi big city for dinner. It was a fun filled evening with great food and good friends. It was the birthday of my brother-in-law so we had the advantage of seeing the nieces of whom we don't see enough of. The other usual suspects were there and together the merriment was at a good level. After dinner we went to the beach so the kids could play and we "adults" could chat over coffee. One of the things I like about being with these guys is the mixture of humour, fun and insightful commentary. Yes in all it was a good day. 

I see that part two of the Ringling Brothers Circus is in town. Like the RNC the DNC has gotten off to a rocky start. I think it will settle down but seeing things like this doesn't help. It's a good thing there are no booths at these things selling rope or there would be, as they used to say, necktie social. 

Ms. Clinton has finally released the name of her running mate. From the outset it looks like he is a good choice with the exception of his initials which have already been put to good use. As I wrote earlier the circus is in town. 
On Facebook the other day I commented on a post from a friend that this was an election with the two front runners being Eva PerĂ³n and Benito Mussolini. Here is an example of why I think this, watch this video and think about the "Make America great" speeches of the Donald. 

To make this even more creepy the newsreel is from Fox News Service, the predecessor of Fox News. . 

I'm happy to see the progress that has been made with the Canadian Senate. Over the last few years there has been a push to get rid of these guys. The thoughts being that they don't do anything and are just a rubber stamp. I have argued in the past that when run properly the Senate is another check and balance against a despotic government. Well it now looks like they are actually stepping up and doing their job

Another day and another terrorist act in Germany. This latest event was a bombing by another ISIS supporter in Ansbach, Germany. If the Gods smile upon my wife and I we are supposed to visit friends and family in Germany this fall. I admit these events do have me a bit spooked but then I read something like this and I'm reminded to take a breath and put things into perspective.

After a bit of a false start it looks like the federal government may actually get off it's collective duff and get something done about replacing the CF-18 fighter fleet. There is a lot of argument in the media for and against the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Personally while having a stealth fighter is nice I don't really think it is the be all and end all. The issue is that stealth protects against the fighter being detected by radar. This is wonderful except for the fact that fighters also give off heat and can be detected by Infrared.

Well that's all I got for now. The new/old trailer calls so it's time to get a little work done. That's it for me from North of Disorder.    


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