Friday, 10 June 2016

Too Good to be True

I'm a bit of a bear when there is talk about privacy and encroachment on my privacy by door kicking agents of the dawn government agencies. I know that they have their job to do but it is the expansion of their mandate that bothers me. There is a military term for this, mission creep

One of the shining lights in the privacy area for a long time has been BlackBerry. I had one for years and my wife still has one. The only reason I traded mine in was the performance was getting sketchy due to little things like being dropped. I know, my bad. The big reason I had a BlackBerry was the privacy. I liked the knowledge that what I was texting and emailing with my BlackBerry was private, for my eyes and that of the intended recipient. 

There is an old saying "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is" and it looks like this is the case with BlackBerry. It looks like BlackBerry is like the double oh spy who could stand anything... torture, electric shock, drugs, beatings, sleep deprivation et cetera. The only thing he couldn't stand up to was direct questions. Well it turns out that this describes BlackBerry to a tee and the methods they use are coming to light including the ease by which police agencies access the information with the help of the Quislings at BlackBerry. 

My only hope having learned about this gaping flaw in the BlackBerry system is the company will go under as it deserves to do for lying misleading users.

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