Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Time Keeps on Slipping

Time keeps on slipping away these days. I've been looking at all the twits on Twitter this morning. A glance at my watch tells me that I am going to have another time crunch if I want to get anything done. One thing I may have to do is start an actual to-do list with objectives because the list I have now is sitting in my head next to the word meh and that's not a good thing. You know being retired isn't as easy as one would think. After I post some links with this I'm off to the wilds of my back yard where I am going to start working no my new/old trailer.

Looking at the news I see that we are slowly coming to the end on the innocence with regard to Russia. Sad really, one of the places that I had wanted to visit was Moscow. Kidding aside, I wonder if this is just scare tactics or if it's serious. With the lead times for military hardware procurement and the pitiful size of our military we could be screwed. 

The news is out, the cop who ordered the mass detainment during the G-20 meeting in Toronto has had his wrist slapped. While it is slow the wheels of justice still grind along. Sadly for him along with the loss of pay comes the blot on his service record. He will probably never see a promotion while still on the force and when he retires the chances of his finding a new job are almost nil. Personally while I don't feel that much sympathy, I think he was a fall guy for the bosses who stood by as things unfolded and didn't say anything.

Well now that lunch is done, so am I. From up here North of Disorder over and out. 

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