Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The latest fad...

Yesterday I was in a sorry state, a sad sorry little man with the world on his shoulders. Today not so much and the big difference... sleep. I was up and at 'em at eight thirty this morning to a sunny day. Chores done by nine, yep it's looking (so far) like today will be one of the good days. After I put this puppy to bed I'm going to get out and get some work done on the new/old trailer. It looks like the weather will cooperate for a change with the temps staying in the moderate range and no rain, at least so far. Well here's hoping anyway...

I was looking around and found some links to put up. Some are funny, some... not so much. Anyway I hope they amuse you. 

Remember the shaming of dogs that was all the rage a few months ago all over the net? Well that is now sooooo passé. One of the people whose blog I follow (Joel over at The Ultimate Answer to Kings) raises chickens and some of those are a little bit of work. Well as luck would have it today's hot new fad is shaming chickens. This means I will get to see some new photos from Joel soon. 

When I see stories like this, I can't help but ask how the hell my generation managed to survive childhood. Soon everything will be taken away for our children's safety, every playground will be a simple flat area covered in foam rubber with no play apparatus. Ah screw it. I'm going to go find an old Jarts game with the metal tips on Ebay, buy it and play it.  Never mind, they don't sell them with metal tips any more even on Ebay, darn.

Remember that old joke... What goes clippity clop, clippity clop, clippity clop, BANG,  clippity clop, clippity clop?  An Amish drive by shooting. Well it ain't no joke anymore

Meanwhile the last of the escapees in Hyde Park has been captured.

New sign at Que/Ont border
Back in nineteen seventy four I ran away from home in Quebec and joined the circus military. I was from the Provence of Quebec and was part of the great English Diaspora that was taking place. Since then I hadn't really thought about who is leaving that province but it looks like the exodus continues. I guess the sign at the Ontario/Quebec border needs to be changed. 

I read this little story earlier about a speech "The Donald" made regarding NAFTA and how, if elected, he will rip it up. One of the comments in it about his remarks struck home. It described Donald Trump as being economically illiterate. Seeing him at the podium is very reminiscent of half a dozen other dictators who were good orators in the course of history. Seeing "The Donald" using the Big Lie approach and the people who fall for it is mildly disturbing. Only mildly since I am not an American. I just hope our leaders are smart enough to diversify our trade so if he wins his leadership doesn't effect us too much.

Well that''s about all for me today from up here North of Disorder.        


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