Monday, 20 June 2016

The Heat is On

And now for the continuing adventures of...

Yesterday wasn't too bad a day. It was one of those hot and hazy, lazy days with a heat alert that we were going to take full advantage of. I finished yesterdays edition of the blog and had a little lunch then we got ready to go out. Being Father's Day our first stop was the cemetery. Next, according to the game plan, was a visit with a friend for a pot luck type dinner and swimming in her pool. 

The game plan got tossed into the dumpster when we got to the truck. A smell, stench really, smacked me in the nose like a heavyweight fighters punch. They were back, field mice had once again invaded my truck. Transplanted city boy that I am, I just couldn't help but wonder why the hell field mice just don't stay in the damn field.
Silently watching, waiting for the chance to infiltrate...

A quick look around the cab and I noticed two small grey fuzzy things near my feet squirming, newborns, so I took care of this first by returning them to the forest where they belong, yes ladies alive. I'm not that cruel. Next up was a check of the engine air filter which was clean as a whistle. Looks like my screen on the intake had at least worked there. Next was the cabin air filter and that's where their little home was.

I removed the mouse urine coated cabin filter then looked at the nest. Thought for a few seconds then cursed a bit and returned to my home and retrieved the vacuum. Yes the recently, after so much drama, fixed vacuum which I now really needed. I cleaned out the nest as well as I could and told my wife no AC until I replaced the cabin filter replaced. Remember that heat alert, ya it was hot enough to melt lead and here we were with the first world problem of no AC.

Well such is life I guess. With this behind us we went out and did our thing. I was a little uncomfortable but somehow we managed. At our friends place that pool was a very nice way to bring the body temp back to normal.

On today's agenda is a visit to the semi big city for a replacement cabin filter and some stuff to take care of the residue of the stink and replacing of that cabin filter. I also plan on getting some peppermint oil and putting cotton balls soaked in it around the truck. The little fuzz balls hate this stuff so I'm hoping it will keep them away. Once again it's hot enough to melt led out there so I don't plan on doing a lot aside from these little chores. Summer and the heat is on.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

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