Thursday, 16 June 2016

The End of the Line

My alarm clock went off at eight this morning, well actually not my alarm clock but the neighbour's construction people started then. They are putting in a pool and getting some landscaping work done to make their new home theirs. My only issue with this process is the back up alarm on the machines they are using and they back up a lot. 

The big excitement for this wonderful sunny day is it's finally the end of the line for the vacuum saga. I received a call yesterday letting me know it was all fixed so I'm going to go get it this afternoon. I'm waffling now about if I should file a complaint with LG because of all the drama that has gone along with this repair. I guess it all depends upon how I'm treated when I get to the shop.  

I was looking at the news this morning and have a few links for you. Some of this is funny and some, well... not so much. 

The Liberals in Ottawa have chosen to side with the obstructionists in the inter provincial trade restrictions war between provinces. I'm surprised that the Liberals would take this stance since they say they are champions of free trade. I guess the only free trade the Liberals are fighting for is only between countries not provinces.

Under the file heading "Last on out please turn off the lights" we find that the Nova Scotia Green Party is closing up shop. Poor Elizabeth May the federal leader of the Greens is saying hold let's not be too hasty. Here statement sounds a lot like that line from Monty Python's The Holey Grail: "But I'm not dead yet" just before the poor guy gets his brains knocked out.  How the demise of a political party, any political party for that mater, can be see as bad is beyond me.

Back in the day from nineteen seventy four until the very end of nineteen eighty I was a fire fighter so this story strikes me a funny, sorry. It's about fire prevention guys getting smacked on the head by irony, yes their van caught fire. Not to be out done there was this from the Vancouver fire department about one of their fire boats. There will be a slight delay in the delivery of the boat to the Fire Department.

I read this story and all I could think of was there must have been a mistake. The person must have been doing a little research for their next book.

Remember that old phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" Well it looks like hell hath no fury like a woman who finds out her boyfriend is HIV positive. Note when you watch the video, as I know you will, turn the sound down.

Have you ever wondered what the play book is when presidential candidates square off?  Well here is the Clinton playbook for her battle with Trump.

Looking across the pond at the impending referendum in England we see the two sides are out in force and it's getting serious. One British MP has found out just how serious after a constituents meeting she was accosted outside and shot. The first reports said it may have been a knife attack but who knows so who really knows what's going on until the media fog lifts.

 Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.  


I just go home from picking up my vacuum (more in tomorrow's post) and went on line. Yes I really don't have a life, OK. Anyway, I was surprised to learn that the British MP that had been shot has died. There are all sorts of smart ass, pithy things I could write right now but I'm going to let it go with one exception. England has some of the toughest firearms control laws on the books anywhere and yet this happens. What this says is simple, all the restrictions in the world will not stop the crazies. 

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