Saturday, 4 June 2016


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Like the song says, summertime and the living is easy. 

Last night we had some friends over for drinks, munchies, and a few laughs. Today it's off to a friend's place for a pot luck dinner, a little bit of sports plus some drinks and more laughs. Once again we are members of the OSS (Oh So Social) club. Yep summertime and the living is easy. Let's just hope that I am as full of fun tomorrow as I am now. 

Speaking, er, writing of fun here's a few links for you. 

Way back before the dawn of recorded history, say around forty three years ago (give or take) I remember getting my high school photo taken. Yes little old me doing a "strike the pose" moment, OK, you can stop laughing now. Anyway when we did this there was the thought of making something different maybe something that would get a laugh. Well while we didn't come up with anything these guys did. Strike the pose... 

So with the advent of Uber in cities have you ever wondered what the next step would be? Relax someone has already done that for you and before you can say anything else, the US FAA has nixed it. A guy came up with the idea of a flight sharing service where you log on to a website, look for a flight going your way, contact the pilot and come to a mutual arrangement. The big problem with this service was that it was up against some very heavy hitters in the airline and charter airline industry. Unlike cab companies these guys have clout and used it.  

One thing that has happened to every guy growing up has been the "who has the bigger one" debate. Usually this takes place in a bar over a few drinks while sharing a couple of laughs. Like everything there are those who are poor losers and occasionally things get out of hand like in this case. Remember kids, bragging plus beer plus a big cutting implement don't mix, play safe. 

This is a story about "that guy." You know the one that all the kids look up to as the cool dad. The one that will give the kid a sip or two from his bottle of beer or he lets his child drive his car. Of course there are those cool dads who get a little carried away but their heart is in the right place. Too bad this guy got caught driving back to his home in the trailer park. 

Well that's about it for now from me up here North of Disorder. 


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