Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lazy Day

This morning I got up with the intent to whittle away at the to-do list. Then, after a nice cup of java, I settled in at the personal confuser to see what the goings on in the world were. That was my first mistake. After being off for over a year I find that I still need goals and tasks. I guess that I am just going to bite the bullet and start a day-timer in the hope that I can get things in order and get things done. 

Earlier I was on Twitter (@M_J_R_7) looking at the way the day was shaping up. The twitter-verse is still a twittering but finally, the gorilla thing is dying down, or I'm not seeing as much of it in any case. What has landed smack damn in the center of things is the Liberals "conceding control" of their committee to revamp how Canadians vote. On first blush, this looks like a good thing but... The committee's make up will be  five Liberals (who want change), three Conservatives (who don't want change), two New Democrats (who want change), one member of the Bloc Québécois (who wants change) and Green MP Elizabeth May (who wants change). 

The committee went from a majority of Liberals who could have forced change in their favor to one where the majority will agree with them. So let's do the math, this reshuffeling of the deck gives a total of nine in favor and three against. This reshuffling of the deck looks fair but in reality, it just makes it easier for the Liberals to rig things in their favour. In the end without a referendum, this still stinks. 

It looks like the folks who watch over up are a little too loose with the information we hand them and they have had their wrists slapped. When there is no real threat to an employee beyond saying "don't do that" what are the odds of this actually being corrected? 

Last but never least Anne McLellan now gets to head up the panel on marijuana legalization. Great now she will get to for the pot head community what she did to the legal firearms community. I hope they enjoy the screwing over that they are about to receive. 

Well that's it for now. I have stalled enough, it's time to get things done. From up here North of Disorder that is all.

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