Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Just a Travelling Guy

The day started overcast with a little mist of rain. It was kinda like the mood I was in. After the usual transfer from primate to human I was downstairs for a little sustenance of the solid and liquid varieties. I honestly don't know what I would do without that cuppa joe in the morning. It's just so right, so necessary; so darn good that I don't function very well without it.  

Today's adventure consisted of travel from here to there and back to here. The there in this instance was the booming metropolis of Sauble Beach Ontario. The trip was to help out a friend with no drivers license. He had asked me to deliver a bike to his trailer at a trailer park in Sauble Beach so he would be able to get around. I looked him in the eye and seeing how important to him this was I said yes. hey, it's what friends do. The little drive to and from was two and a half hours each way at a distance of around three hundred and sixty kilometres total. It was pretty much uneventful except for the tire issue. 

I was around the half way point when a guy turned a corner and started to drive in my direction. The guy was towing a trailer with a spare tire. When he made the turn the tire came off it's mount and rolled across the road just missing my truck. I noted in the rear view that the tire continued on it's merry way and smacked into a flower garden and came to rest. From my view it looked like the owner of the garden was going to have a little work ahead to fix the damage. I figure the trailer owner was going to be a little pissed when he got to his destination because those tires and rims are not very cheap. 

Here are a few links for you. 

I'm old... How old you ask? Well I was around when there were these things a guy could use to watch movies on these things called VCRs. Here is just how long ago that was. 

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While this story is sappy it reminds me that I don't like techno music. 

When you care enough to send the very best give Larry, Curly and Moe a call. When you watch the video try to remember that these are trained professionals.

Well that's about it for now from up here North of Disorder.

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