Thursday, 9 June 2016

I Love the Internet

I switched things up a little yesterday, I actually went to bed at a regular hour as opposed to the ungodly times I have been hitting the hay. Oh my goodness what a difference. I was awake at a little before eight this morning and to my surprise the sun was up and shining. Hey who knew the sun was up that early in the day? So it looks like today may, just may turn out to be a good one. Yes I know the old saying about tempting the fates. 

Later today I am going to pay a visit to my old friends at Northern Electronic Services down in Barrie Ontario and once again try to get my LG vacuum fixed. These are the same folks who only have one guy, a "vacuum cleaner repair specialist," who can do the work. My vacuum was with them from March 16 to May 10 and not even looked at. The problem was the "vacuum repair specialist" was on long term disability and nobody else in the company could look at my vacuum. 

The biggest problem in this entire french farce was my being too nice and polite. Well that has ended for me and now the new game plan is to be firm, polite and "scream" my head off if I don't get my way. One of the things I have learned over the years is when a person complains the higher the rank the better and "scream," in this case, means letting that person know there is a problem not tearing his head off. 

I went on the internet searching for a contact at LG who had a high enough  level. The search took a total of around five minuets to do before I hit pay dirt. Now gather round kids, today's lesson is how to search. For searches like this the trick is to figure out the correct search string with quotation marks on the ends and + signs between words. This cuts out a lot of the search BS that one has to go through. The person who I will be unloading on (if there is any more problems) is a guy named Paul Pike, Vice President of Service and Quality at LG Electronic. I really hope not to have to send him a nasty-gram (cc to various media of course) but if I must, I must. Don't you just love the internet?

And now for something completely different...  

I was looking around the web and found this little gem. It appears that a lawyer who works for Mr. Trump and is defending him against the Trump U lawsuit knows what side his bread is buttered on. He is a donor to the Hillery Clinton campaign. I wonder how well "The Donald" is going to take this when he finds out. 

I read this ruling about the Supreme Court of Canada's take on bestiality and I can't think of anything to really say except it is wrong on very many levels. 

Last, but never least, here in my home province Our Fearless Leader Kathleen Wynne has announced another "Five Year Plan." You know what they say... nothing buys bygones quicker then cash even if it is our own cash we are being bought off with. It's ironic that the Ontario Liberals who are a socialist party would use the term "Five Year Plan." That was the term used by the old U.S.S.R. to tout their plans for the development of the national economy of the Soviet Union. Just look at how well those five year plans worked out for the former Soviet Union.

Well that's about all for me for today, signing off from up here North of Disorder.  


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