Friday, 3 June 2016

Earth Abides

I'm sitting here on the porch looking out at the blue and white mix of sky and cloud sipping my morning cuppa coffee. It's another nice day and I have a bucket of stuff to get done. Being the retired guy I am, I'm not feeling the rush to "get 'er done" the way I used to. When II have done with this and finished my coffee the first thing on the list will be a Costco run. Time to replenish some of the consumables. Later I will be scalping cutting the lawn.

Yesterday during our travels I splurged.
One of the nice things about living where we do is the access to good fresh food. While we were looking we found that some of the first strawberries are out and the cost wasn't an arm and a leg just an arm. So I ponied up for a taste and yes my wonderful wife whipped some cream and it was wonderful. 

I just finished scouring the world wide web and found a few links for you.

It looks like the American TSA folks are not the only ones that manage to screw inconvenience people who are trying to travel. The contract security folks at Canadian airports have done strip searches without the authority to do so. These is even a case where a dog was shoved into x-ray machine. It's OK citizen this is being done all in the name of security. 

I have to laugh at all this security theater and people wasting their time with complaints to the Canadian Transportation Security Agency. There is a better way if you are in Ontario Canada. Simply ask to see their security guard license and complain to the Ontario Provincial Police. The screeners are contract employees who work for a guard company and have to, under law, abide by the code of conduct set up under the PSISA. Oh and if they refuse to provide their license so you can file a complaint, well that's also a violation of the act. 

While we are on the subject of security theater here is another way the authorities are getting ready to track you. The FBI is setting up a computer programed to track  folks by their tattoos

A short while ago a person attacked a restaurant with an alligator. Why? Because Florida.

Then there is the case of Darwinism in British Columbia where a person was killed while "car surfing." The driver had the car roaring along and the guy was outside being "king of the work" when the vehicle rolled over and squashed him like a bug. Once again, repeat after me kids... Ya can't fix stupid. 

While we are on the topic of silly things here is a story from Ottawa. After all these years the Liberals have banned clapping from their members during question period. I guess now they will have to resort to "jazz hands." 

 Well that's about all from me up here North of Disorder.

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