Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Birth of a New Day

After a restless night it took several attempts to rouse this lazy old man from his peaceful slumber. The first attempt took place sometime in the middle of the night, around seven-thirty AM I think. Seeing it so nice bright and cheery outside I chose to turn over and great the new day on my own grumpy terms and not Mother Nature's smiling one. Attempt number two came a little before eleven and, feeling guilty at wasting the day, I chose to evict myself from my blanketed womb and into the harsh reality of a sunny new day.

Yesterday was one of those “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” kinda days. I went down to the semi big city and picked up the stuff I needed to deal with “odeur de field mouse.” I picked up a new cabin filter for the truck to replace the mouse urine soaked one. I wasn't sure about the size so I did the un-guy thing and asked. The youngster at the parts desk gave me a number and I went and found it. To my eye the replacement didn't look right so I asked the kid once more and once more he assured me it was the one. At the truck I tore off the wrappings and found the filter was too big. The kids response: “Sorry we can't take that back because we can't resell it.” Actually it was more my fault than his because I could have test fitted the filter without unwrapping it from the plastic. 

I picked up the other items with no hassle and went home. I grabbed some water and took five then in the driveway, I started to work. Yesterday was one of those hot enough to melt led kinda days. With that heat always comes the risk of thunderstorms. I had just got everything out of the truck when I felt the first drops and there was a faint sound of thunder. So everything went back in the truck real fast and back to the house I went. After the storm passed and I had a little dinner I was able to deal with the residuals of Mr. Mouse. Today my wife took the truck into town for an appointment so I will learn shortly how effective my treatment of the problem was. Pray for me...

Well that's about all for me from up here North of Disorder.

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