Monday, 27 June 2016

Better late than never...

Looking at the clock on the side of my personal confuser I see that I'm a tad late with this post. Don't worry there will be questions asked later. I shall be the inquisitor and the defendant in this investigation. See it is good that I do talk to myself after all isn't it or this could get awkward. 

Today was a weird one. It started with tossing and turning last night so there wasn't a lot of sleep action involved. Went to our excuse of a big town and had a meeting with the industrial vampires to give some of my blood. Then after a light lunch I thought, nap. What the heck I will just have a short snooze and all will be right with the world. My wonderful wife came up a short time later and said those magic words... "Honey, it's after five. " Well I roused myself from my rendition of rip van winkle and got up. 

So here we are with the day basically shot to hell. Oh well, sucks to be me. Anyway here are a couple of links for you. 

The other day I posted a link about a Chinese driver who was pulled over and ticketed for having no front wheels on his truck. Well I guess this sort of thing happens more often than I realized. Seriously...
Whose afraid of the big, bad cat?

You ever eat something an a few hours later you are suffering from a bout of flatulence? Me too! Usually I just laugh it off but if you play soccer then it can be an issue. Yes there are those who take the game very seriously so keep your stinky old farts to yourself, or else...

Cats, like them or not it's your choice. Personally I have had cats underfoot for a long, long time. There have been times where dealing with my little furry friends has been a chore. I have been scratched on a regular basis and even occasionally bitten. Never have I been afraid of a cat to the point of calling 911 like these pussies fools.

Well I think that's enough fun for the day. I promise to try and get this blog out earlier. But... That's it for me from up here North of Disorder.

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