Thursday, 23 June 2016

Another year, another reenactment

I was up early today because I promised my lovely wife that I would have coffee ready for her when she got up. Today is an auspicious occasion, it is the reenactment of her 29th birthday. When I got up I did the old quiet as a ghost thing and got coffee ready, her gifts out and a reasonable facsimile of a birthday card made. 

Later, when she finally decided to grace the world with an appearance, I gave her gifts and fed her coffee to which she was very happy. I'm just not sure what she liked better the gifts or the coffee. The game plan for the day is later we are going out for ice cream and sit on the dock of the bay (hummm there could be a song in that... never mind it's been done) and enjoy it. Tonight it's dinner at a nice place in town where the beer is cold and the is food excellent

Tomorrow I'm going to resume work on the new/old trailer. I found out one thing about it yesterday, the guy who built it had a sense of humour. It took the better part of an hour and a half to just take the lid off. The builder used 3/4 inch plywood and 5/4 by 4" to put it together. As well he used four different types of screw heads and the wrong type of bolts. He used carriage bolts with a square base designed to sit in a square hole and not turn when the nut is turned. This is wonderful when the bolt is in metal, not so good in wood and everything is covered with a thick layer of paint. Using the power driver simply made the bolt/nut turn as one. The work around wasn't pretty and involved an air cutoff tool, a flat head screw driver, a socket wrench and a lot of cussing. I used a air cut off tool to cut a line in the end of the bolts then used a flat head screwdriver to stop the bolts from spinning while using a socket on the nut. Tomorrow, because  everything is covered with a thick layer of paint, I have to pick up some stripper... not the fun kind, the paint kind. I figure in a week or so I should have the modifications done. What's that sound? Oh, it's just God laughing at me. 

Well that's about enough for now from me up here North of disorder.

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