Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Another day older

I woke up (that's a good thing, yes?) this morning around eleven after a not so good sleep. Damn side was bugging me enough to make it hard to nod off and my last look at the clock before I did doze off showed it was almost five in the morning. I woke up to a grey day which was good because that was how I was feeling, grey. It's all moot, sooner or later the stones will be zapped out of existence and gone... I hope.  Anyway these are my issues not yours so for now I shall do my best to suck it up. 

Here are a few links for your enjoyment.  

One of the characters that I really enjoyed reading and watching was (is) James Bond. Good old 007, master spy with a license to kill. Turns out that the movie version got it wrong about his drink of choice, it wasn't the vodka martini. Mind you having read all the books I already knew this. 

Remember that scene in Raiders of the lost arc at the end in the huge warehouse? Did you know in the States there are around six locations, all of which are top-secret scattered around the country. These locations are not for the storage of magical things, it turns out that the US Government believes in prepping. I wonder just what medical catastrophe they are prepping for? 

Speaking (writing) of James Bond it turns out that Rolls Royce is developing ships that the head of SPECTER would love. Unmanned ships to ply the seas, just what the super villeins ordered.

Nothing makes your day as
exciting as a hammer head
So there you are, a nice day out and about fishing. You start to haul in your line and... OH MY GOD!!! IT'S IN THE BOAT! GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT!

Hey, who says gun control in New York isn't working? Personally I think these guys could try out for a Pirate movie or something by Quentin Tarantino.

Looking at the state of the education system in the United States, I can see why this has become a thing. It may be the only prom these guys ever get to go to. 

On a more serious note, here is the author of the Brexit debacle. This is a man in need of accountability for what he did given the fallout of his actions. He is a modern-day Joseph Goebbels who is a master of the Big Lie which 51.9% of Britons fell for.

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