Sunday, 5 June 2016

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Yesterday was one of those rare days that started like every other day, we were up and at 'em at nine thirty. Over coffee and breakfast the alert arrived via my personal communicator.

(Cue the Mission Impossible theme)

Warning orders were given and troops mobilised and we were off. One of our neighbours decided to have a pot luck dinner with a side order of volleyball. 

What a day...

Plans were hatched as to what we could contribute to the pot luck. Our thought patterns tend to be around the non complex, so with that in mind I went a fetched several quarts of strawberries and some whipping cream. I hulled the strawberries while my wife took care of the whipping duties. By the way did you know how much better whipped cream tastes when Grand Marnier is added? But I digress... 

Once everything was ready over we went. 

The sun was out and hot, the beer was out and cold and everything was good. I have to admit that I was a bit of a slacker. While the kids and a few of the "adults" played volleyball, I led the cheering section. The teams were pretty evenly matched with the adults having the skill and the kids having the energy that kids have. Almost made me tired just looking at them. 

As the afternoon moved into evening there was the ever popular "push the fully clothed lady into the pool" event. Our hostess was on a ladder checking the temp of the pool and as her husband walked by he stopped, looked, shrugged and gave her a little push on the tush. I later learned that this was a payback for her "assisting" him into the lake from their boat earlier in the day.

One of the things that I got to try last night was a product called Absinthe. I had never indulged with this particular beverage before. Oh myyyy, I now understand why, for a period of time, it was a banned substance... But good though.   

I have to say for a throw back pot luck with beer and cooked animals and bullshit by the ton it was a heck of a good time. 


Looks like we weren't the only ones partying last night. By the way the language in the story is a little colourful so be warned. 

Oh, while we are on the subject of parties, it looks like this guy has some issues. Well if you rent your home out for parties you run the risk of things getting a little out of hand. 

So that about wraps up the party edition of today's post. That's it for me from up here North of Disorder.

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