Monday, 9 May 2016

Why wouldn't it be Monday

So there I was all ready to rock and roll, ready to get outside into the bright morning sun and get to work. Chomping at the bit as it were. Deftly I managed to get the lawn tractor out of it's dormitory and into the driveway. Checking the oil all was green as it should have been since I did the welcome back to life maintenance which included fresh oil. Circle check done I hopped aboard and, well you know where this is heading don't you...  I turned the key the motor gave a pathetic little click and the battery died. 

The battery is original to the machine so it is around 4 and a half years old. In the fall I set it up with a one watt trickle charger so I don't have to go through the machinations of pulling the battery out. The battery stays charged all through the long cold winter months, or that is how it is supposed to work. Well for the last few winters it has bu as they say all good things must come to an end.

Well OK then, on to plan B...

Out came the battery charger and I hooked it up. Right now the charger is feeding my hungry battery loads and loads of electrons. After hooking up the charger I decided to have a go at the lawn with my 20 inch push mower. That worked for the first little patch but let us be real here I have the better part of a acre so I did what any brave intrepid sane person would do. I went back inside and turned on the personal confuser to blog about my troubles. 

While I was sitting here I received "one of those calls" from a person trying to impersonate a tax collector. Too bad the good old days where tax collectors were harmed while doing their appointed rounds are no more. I really shouldn't say that because the wife of one of my friend is a CRA auditor and not that bad a person.  Anyway, there has been this scam going on for a while where a "Canada Revenue Agency Enforcement Officer" calls saying you owe X number of dollars and pay up or we will send the police. Then they ask for a charge card. I had this chump on the phone for almost five minutes before he caught on to the fact he was being played. Then I started calling the number back and playing some more. The last time I spoke with a person whose name was "James Brown." "Mr. Brown" when I asked gave me the address of the Ottawa CRA offices which I thought was a nice touch. Now they will no longer answer. I suspect that I will be getting more calls from these guys. 

Now that I have wasted enough time I suspect, hope and pray my lawn tractor will start.  Well that's all for now from up here north of disorder.

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