Friday, 27 May 2016

What a Day

This morning found me up and at 'em earlier than normal. I had a doctors appointment down in the city. Relax I'm not terminal and sooner or later my issues will be corrected. The Doc was a nice guy and only a little arrogant as most specialists are. Today I was looking for results and all I got was to be told I need to do some more more tests and the hospital will call "sometime soon. I know it's a bad thing but today in that office when the Doc cracked wise I came very close to loosing it. 

I walked into the Doctors office with an apointment booked and was seen almost an hour and a half after my appointment time.  The only good thing that came out of the meeting was that I really have no life so sitting around for hours on end isn't that big a deal but there are limits. At one point I texted my wife and vented my displeasure. Wonderful woman that she is she calmed me down. It's good that she was able to do that because I came very close to getting up and walking out. Without a plan b that would have been a very stupid move on my part. 

Later when I got home I played twenty questions with my wife then I took a nap. I had every intention to do this blog when I got up but when I got up the afternoon was gone. Oh well better late then never. Now I recline in my bathtub and soon it will be time to crawl into bed. Tomorrow I'm going to be dealing with some rain gutter issues on a friend's house but for now I'm just going to relax. 

Vent mode is now turned off. Speaking of turned off that's it for me North of Disorder. 

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