Thursday, 12 May 2016

Weaving Weaver's Drinking and Driving

Memory is such a strange thing. It's funny how we remember anything at all in the flotsam and jetsam that is stuck up there dwelling in the grey mist between the ear lobes. A short time ago I was looking at a few Facebook posts when one caught my eye. It was about how bar owners try to con musicians to play for free and it triggered something way back in the deep dark recesses of my mind.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Years ago over a few drinks with friends one of the gang made a wise ass crack about opening a bar. Not only was it going to be a bar but since my acquaintance had a love of golf it was also going to be a driving range. The bar/driving range was to be called... Drum role please... “Weaving Weaver's Drinking and Driving.” I remember asking about the various issues like MADD and he had some very solid, well at least to a guy who had been drinking, answers. 

I am sorry that this was only a funny flash in the pan I idea, I wish it would have happened but that's the way things go. Looking back at my friend it all turned out well in the end. He has a wonderful wife, he does a job that he is damn good at and loves, what more out of life could anyone want. Ah but for one shining moment there was “Weaving Weaver's Drinking and Driving.” At the time this idea cracked me up and today thinking about it the idea still tickles my funny bone. Why? Because it is just so damn politically incorrect. Maybe if he ever retires, nah I can't see that happening. Oh well, it was fun to think about.

So here are a few links for you...

Technology and the advancements that are happening every day are something I have been watching over the years. On the plus side there are the things coming our way that will make life a lot easier. For example the coming of driver-less vehicles, household robots etc.. On the down side these new technologies will render some jobs obsolete like cabbies. One of the areas of projected obsolescence is in government, yes government. Less need for traffic cops, less need for firefighters, less need for government leaders. Hey what could go wrong? 

We find this under the "stick a fork in him he's done" file. I can only hope this is the final chapter in the Ghomeshi and CBC saga. 

I see that one of the major food chains is having a bit of an issue with IT today. Back when I lived it "the city" our next door neighbour worked in the IT branch of Loblaws and if he is still there and not retired I suspect that he is going crazy about now. His claim to fame was that he was the mastermind behind the debit/credit card pay system they use which failed today. 

Then there are the guys who want more intervention by government via stimulants. Well I have made my position clear on how I thing this is a silly idea and why it will end badly so let the printing presses role. 

That's about all for now from up here North of Disorder.


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