Friday, 20 May 2016

Things to do, Places to go...

After a restless sleep I was up early this bright and wonderful day. There are many things that have to be done in short order. The game plan is to take the storm windows down (finally), wash the exterior windows and install the exterior screens. Then bring out the deck chairs and other paraphernalia for people to sit and put drinks on. The chairs, being wood, will have to tightened up lest they fall apart when some heavy lout like me falls into one. When that is done it will be a trip into town for munchies and carbonated beverages because tonight is the night... 

It's cocktails on the deck!

Last year after I put away the uniform one of the things my wife and I decided to do was have a social life. Of the things we decided to do one of them was to start having people over for cocktails every second Friday from the May two-four (Victoria Day) weekend until it gets too cold outside. Actually it's cocktails, beer, wine, pop and munchies but who's keeping track. One of the things we do is play "the game" 

The game we play is Giant Jenga. Why? Because it's just more fun with two-by-fours then the little blocks when they crash down around drunk people. There have been times in the past where the height of the blocks has been over my head. Yes I have some other games like Kubb but these games need to be played on the grass and since we are starting at seven tonight there isn't enough light. By the way Kubb is a great game to play. Nothing says fun like getting drunk and throwing sticks at other people. 

I know that no plan survives contact with the opposing force, which in this case are the fates who will make my day a little more interesting and in a few cases challenging. Well as an old friend from years gone by would say "We shall overcome" and that is what I will do, overcome.

Well it's time to put this blog to bed so until the morrow that's it from up here North of Disorder.

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