Thursday, 5 May 2016

Things That Go Boom and Other Things to Fear.

Today looks line it will be a fine one or at least it did when I woke up a little after 6. The agenda today is for me to venture forth and acquire a replacement boom stick. I checked one of my few boom sticks and found that the barrel was getting sketchy. Then I looked at replacing the barrel, oh boy... I don't have the setup to do the work myself and the barrel is worth almost as much as the replacement rifle. Add in the cost of a gunsmith and it's cheaper to buy a replacement and strip the old one for parts. That will teach me for putting the boom stick away after a range day and not cleaning it properly. My old RSM would turn over in his grave if he found out. 

Have you looked at your finances lately to see what you owe? Well the good kind folks at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation took a look at the debt of all three levels of government and it is shocking.My wife and I are on the side of the minority with the debt load we carry. Our debt load, with the exception of our single charge card is zero, nada, zilch, zip... well you get the picture. As for the card we are scrupulous in paying it off every month. I'm not sure where I first learned the saying about currency but it's true. Gold is the currency of nobles, silver the currency of gentlemen, barter the currency of peasants and debt the currency of slaves.

Yesterday I blogged about the tragedy that is Fort McMurray. I'm not going to go over it again since all one has to do is google it. I will say however that the scope of this event is mind boggling. Wouldn't you know that some do-gooders have piled on the environment band wagon saying this is part of climate change? The charge is being lead by Green Party leader Elizabeth May. So here we are, a town of 80,000 destroyed and it's citizens homeless living in makeshift camps live all but destroyed and Ms May has to play politics. It's a wonder that the Greens actually have two members in parliament, one being a disaffected NDP MP that made the leap off thee cliff to join the Greens.

Then there is the other one... "Baby Doc" Trudeau is slowly but surely moving to make himself "president for life." He still will not put any changes to the way votes are cast to a referendum. He is a proponent of freedom but he will not let people exercise that right. It'd ironic that he is as popular to the majority of Canadians as Hugo Chavez was to a majority of Venezuelans when he took power and that country is all but finished. I wonder at the path Canada is traveling along and where it will lead.

A major problem these days is the slowing economy. To boost the economy "Baby Doc" Trudeau is going on a spending spree not realizing one of the reasons we are in this mess is personal spending. 

To get out of this mess people have to spend and a lot of folks are in debt up to their eyeballs. One of the people I was chatting with about this summed it up very nicely. "I like what I like and the interest is low and they will not raise it so what the hell?" Then she went on to say that she had three jobs to pay the bills.

Well that's just about enough of the random thought for today. Now it's off the Cabela's. Until later from up here North of Disorder.


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