Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Reports of my Demise...

Well I have made it threw another  night of chills/sweats/headaches and this morning when the sun arose so did I. Well I arose a littler after the sun but... Oh hell I slept in and got up around mid morning with the flu symptoms all gone. After washing the night away I went down stairs and sorted out the stuff that needed to be done then coffee. For the first time in a few days food tastes like food and coffee tastes great. 

Speaking of tasting great here is the tail of two restaurant owners who were vegans and ran a very successful vegan restaurant. Now if you look back at the last sentence you will note that I wrote "were" vegans. Well they started their own farm and have started to eat meat once again

It took a while for the vegan community to catch on but now the restaurant owners are seen as Mr. and Mrs. Antichrist. It looks like the vegan community is going all "storm the Frankenstein castle" on them. 

Then there were the two love birds getting some photos taken. Who knew that they would be photo bombed by a group of people wielding swords/axes and other pieces of death dealing paraphernalia. Only in Canada...

Looks like the folks over at Facebook are going to support the Republican National Convention and in doing so will support that Mussolini wannabe, Trump. They have said their reason is that they see themselves as if they were media. I see them as nothing more then enablers. 

Meanwhile the Trump-Borg never stops, never gets tired, never slows his advance... he just keeps coming. 

Remember that old saw about how you could tell if a politician is lying... his lips are moving. Well it looks like that was not to far off point. Here is a story that went under the radar, politicians lie. The story isn't only about lying and cheating it's about outright media manipulation, imagine that. To all this is the fact that the major news media missed or more then likely chose not to say anything for fear of retribution from government.

Then there is the story that simply refuses to go away, Panama. Tomorrow a whole bunch of info will be put on line about a lot of people. The tax guys are  hoping that the curiosity of the public will help them catch more tax evaders. The want you to look, find and squeal on. Personally I see this who operation as an affront to freedom. 

The only reason people try to evade tax is that it is unfair. For those who say that the rich should pay more because they can afford to. Ask yourself why would you work harder to loose more of your earnings to somebody else. It all comes down to the old argument that you are your brothers keeper. Well if it's my job to be my brothers keeper what is his job? If government takes money from the wage earner and gives it to a third party as a hand out, not a hand up, this isn't charity it's theft. 

Well OK then, time to step off the soap box and go out into the real world and get some work done. That's about all from up here North of Disorder.  

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