Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Day After

This will be a short post. There are many things to do today and stuff has to be cleaned up from last night. last night was fun. Seeing a few friends after a long winter of playing hermit was good, good for the mind and good for the spirit. 

Today is a day of recovery, not that we got wreaked last night which we didn't. It just means turning my deck back into the habitable, clean relaxing summer local that it should be. 

The Jenga Tower of Doom
One of the things that I have to tidy up is the Jenga Tower that my friends left after the final game when no other moves could be made. Looking back I'm glad last night was a relatively calm one. When one of these towers and the two-by-fours land there is a serious crash and at zero-dark-thirty that resounding crash would have had me vaulting out of bed scantly clad with a big stick looking for intruders. OK you can stop visualizing and laughing at this fat old guy looking like that.


So there you are walking down the street and are attacked by a marauding beaver that takes you hostage... Yes deep down somehow I suspect that alcohol was involved. 

Cutting back on salt is bad for you... Cutting back on salt is good for you... Cutting back on salt is irrelevant to you... Would somebody please make up my mind!

Once again we find out that while you really can't fix stupid you can always give stupid a few days off without pay. You would think that a guy like this would understand he has a care of duty but no stupid is as stupid does.

Venezuela's slow motion melt down continues. Sadly it is to the point where even pets are not safe from being eaten. Like Nero, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro fiddles as his once great country dies.

Meanwhile here at home in Canada with one of the biggest changes to how Canadians elect their politicians hanging in the balance, Canadians want a say in the process. The only issue to this is the Liberals have been handed a majority in the house by 39% of the voters and the thought of a referendum scares the hell out of them.

Why is it that the big guys want all of us to be more earth friendly and reduce our carbon foot print no matter the cost or the suffering yet think this doesn't apply to them? Here is an example of that arrogance in action. Leo DeCaprio flew from Cannes to New York in a private jet to pick up an environmental award then he flew right back. I wonder what the carbon footprint for the little 8,000 mile round trip in a private jet was.

Last, but never least, driver-less vehicles... Be afraid, be very afraid...

Well that's about all from me up here North of Disorder.

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