Tuesday, 31 May 2016

That Guy

It started as such a lovely day with mild temperatures and sunny skies. A crank call got me out of bed this morning. "This is the revenue agency. You have an outstanding balance and if it is not paid immediately we will send the police" is not the best hello one can wake up to. I looked at the phone for a sec, smiled and hung up on the caller. 

After coffee and breakfast, I got the laundry down for my wife then set out to do a dump run. When I got to the dump I ran into "that guy." First off I have to say that I don't know who "that guy " was but he managed to annoy me. Why? Mr. "That Guy" was in the process of chatting up the young attractive part time student working the cash. It was a good ten minutes of sitting before I finally had enough and hit the horn. Mr. "That Guy" gives me the look then slowly saunters to his truck, takes a good minute to sort things out then drives in. I got to the entry and the youngster gives me the look then proceeds to check everything I was bringing in. After this, we play twenty questions about where I'm from, what I'm bringing in etcetera. When all this was done I went in and got rid of the stuff I had then it was time to leave. No one around and I sit at the red light for a few minutes before the green. The student then checks my truck and I'm out of there. 

I grabbed a little lunch and hooked up my utility trailer. The plan was to go and pick up the brush that was at my friend's place and get rid of it. Yesterday I swapped out the connector plugs on my truck and the trailer. I checked that the connections were OK and I expected that to be the case today. The trailer lights didn't work so I was at the start line again trouble shooting. After a frustrating half hour, I finally took the connections apart and soldered them. This done the lights still didn't work. So I was off to Canadian Tire for a 12V circuit tester. 

I wandered the store for a half hour and finally found a person to ask for help. I was directed to the aisle and sure enough, I couldn't find the tester.  I asked another employee for a hand and within seconds, he pointed me to the area where there should have been three on display. he looks at me and says "looks like we are out." I showed him the cell phone and calmly told him that there should be three. His reply was " Meh, you know how computers are, sorry." Then he walks away. Right now I would like to bring up a question, what ever happened to an employee checking the stock room?  Well the long and short of it was I simply went to another store and, while they didn't have any on desplay, the guy went in the back and found one. 

So my game plan is first thing in the morning I'm going to check the circuites on the trailer then recheck the grounds. I hope that I manage to find and correct this because it is driving me around the bend. 


Well it turns out that Katie Couric is a lier. She edited a documentary so it would benefit her views on firearms ownership. After being called out for her editing she finally has come forward with an apology. What's that old saying? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

It looks like there has been a heist out west. Better call Sam Spade. Yes, the search for the Maltese Falcon Eagle  is on. I have my doubts that the gumshoes who are investigating are anywhere near as good as Sam Spade. Only time will tell. 

Well, that's about it for me from up here North of Disorder. 

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