Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Tempus Fugit

Today there are a number of tasks that need to be done if I am to keep to any semblance of a schedule. Yes I know I'm retired what the hell do I need a schedule for. Well one of the things that has developed in me over the years is the realization that I'm lazy. I know it's a hard thing to admit but here I am before you admitting just that. I find that without some sort of daily guide I tend to fall into the trap of "meh, I'll get to it later" and later gets pushed back further and further. Take today for example, the game plan was to have this blog published by 11am which was two and a half hours ago. So as they say... 
Time Flies
Looks like the cops managed to prevent another slaughter, this time in Oakville Ontario. Turns out some neighbors saw some kids with guns and ski masks acting suspiciously so the police were called.  
 "We saw a car drive down the road with someone's head sticking out of the sun roof," said Tara Alpaugh.
"They were wearing ski masks, yelling and screaming." Resident Chris Chadwick said the teens "looked like terrorists."
Yes these kids were playing the Assassin Game with water guns. Oh the horror...

What kind of message are these parents sending to their children? All I have to say is these idiots parents need to get out a little more.  

All those folks who want to be doing something, anything for mother nature are going to have to reassess their thought on green transportation. It appears that green transportation isn't as green as people think. Well there is always a plan B that some may not like and could be a bit of a bitch in winter. Snow tires?

On the the business world. Looks like the latest person to get caught up in the Panama Papers fiasco is Emma Watson. All she wanted to do was have a little privacy in her business dealing and now she joins the procession of people who are being marched to the gallows. Even if she was using this to hide income from the tax man, is it really that wrong to try and keep a little more of the money you earn?   

Speaking of wanting to keep more hard earned money there are more and more businesses that have learned to shift earnings out of the country and save a few bucks from the tax man. By doing this the companies are saving a lot of cash.
Oh deal, look at the time... Well that's all from up here North of Disorder.

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