Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sunday Musing

Every year in spring and summer there are a few days where I regret not installing an air conditioner when we built our one particular harbour.

Last night was one of those nights. With all the upstairs windows open, ceiling fans on high and a fan in one of the two bedroom windows it was still third world stinking hot last night. Needless to say sleep was elusive for me. So here I sit at the personal confuser, right now the temperature outside is in the eighties and with the humidity factored in, it feels like it's in the nineties. Lucky me there's nothing on the radar for the day except putting out the trash tonight. Mind you there is always the risk that something will pop up but one can always hope.

Yesterday evening with nothing better to do than scan the news I took a look at what was happening at the Conservative and Liberal conventions. I have to say the news people who gather this information have my respect (not that much, but some) because they have to stay awake while listening to these buffoons. Take the Liberals (please) and the goings on there. While "Baby Doc" Trudeau was giving a speech about the former Prim Minister Stephen Harper his right hand man Bob Rae was caught making gagging gestures on video. Bob Rae the former head of the NDP who had a large part in making Ontario a "Have Not" province and all around class act... not.

Meanwhile over at the Conservative convention they managed to enter this century by dropping the opposition to same sex marriage. I figure that everybody should have the right to be as happy or unhappy as everyone else. One other thing the conservatives passed was a motion the curtail the activities of the RCMP against legal law abiding firearms owners. Personally I think this is all moot. I know I should get all worked up about gun rights being a firearms owner and all but  in reality it's all moot. One of the largest factors in the failure of the firearms registry was Irish democracy.

 The gang that couldn't shoot straight (Liberals and NDP) refuse to acknowledge that there isn't a chance in hell of total control where firearms are concerned. A lot of people simply make up their own minds to obey or not and in the case of the registry a lot chose not to obey making it way to costly and unreliable.

Looking south of the border I see that the presidential fight is becoming one between socialism and conservatism/capitalism. Mr. Sanders (socialist) is slowly leaving the scandal plagued Mrs. Clinton in the dust to the point where he is ignoring her. Meanwhile the Republican leader (conservatism/capitalism) Mr. Trump is hanging out with the bikers...  I simply don't know whether to laugh or cry. Once again I am reminded of that curse, "May you live in interesting times." Well one thing's for sure we certainly are.

Anyway that's about all from me up here North of Disorder.  

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