Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday, Links Day

Here I sit listening to mellow instrumental music and sipping coffee. It's overcast and wet outside so the outside stuff will have to be done another day. I know, any excuse in a storm but it is stormy out. Not to worry there are plenty of things on the inside to-do list. After lunch it will be laundry and something I have been putting off, doing the windows. Winter storm windows get taken down, windows get washed and the screens get put up. A guy can't get that much fun by simply laying back and surfing on the personal confuser.
I was looking at various stories around the world and here are a few that caught my eye. First there is the tail of the accidental archaeologists. This is really cool, a group of construction workers were digging a ditch. Not like the old days, boy. Now they give 'em power equipment. In my day it would have been picks and shovels...  Sorry...

Anyway, so they unearth 19 large clay pots (amphoras) with 600 kilogrammes of Roman coins. 

I wonder how many were scooped by the construction team? I know for me the temptation would have been enormous. 

This is a case of a father torturing his son because he thought the boy was possessed. What makes this even more heinous is the fact the father was an RCMP officer. I am forever amazed at what we, as people, will do to each other and to the children. The sad thing about all this is the child thinks he was the one who was wrong. The monster who did this to his son should never be let loose on the public again. Failing that he should be put down as any mad animal would be.

Well the environazis have made another play for our wallets. No matter if we or the economy can afford it. We will be environmentally responsible or else, damn it! Thus the game of environmental flim-flam continues. We are going to be forced to purchase vehicles that transfer, not reduce, emissions I say transfer because the energy has to come from somewhere so instead of your car the pollution comes from a power plant. While carbon is scrubbed from the air by plants what scrubs the nuclear waste? Waste that will take a very long time to become safe?

I guess that my wife and I are minor players in credit-card churning. Until today I had never even herd of the term. What it is, simply put, is a strategy to get free stuff from banks using credit cards. I know there are those who will say I'm nuts for giving the banks information about my purchases and to an extent they are right. However I look at it from the perspective that banks are collecting information on a macro scale to sell to marketing agencies. From a macro perspective my purchases are like a single fish in a school of millions. Now if I saw proof that the information was being used on a micro level then it would be a different story.

But I digress... The folks who churn credit cards are really playing the system with dozens of cards and not carrying balances and transferring point from one card to another they rack up huge amounts of points to travel, purchase gifts, purchase gift cards. This is a great legal scam. Personally I only have the one card so I'm a bit player.

Moving right along to the United States of America and their comedy club act of a presidential primary. Looks like the dark horse juggernaut that is the Donald Trump machine continues to steamroll his opposition, much to the dismay of the political establishment. Looking at him from various perspectives I really am starting to think he might not be as bad as various people have been saying.

How knows with a little nip and a tuck he could even rival "Baby Doc" Trudeau for a spot on the cover of Vogue. One thing, I think if he does make it he will be nowhere as bad as the political establishment would have you believe. 
Well the clock is ticking and I'm burning daylight so I gotta run. That's about all from up here North of Disorder.


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