Saturday, 7 May 2016


Sorry about the lack of a blog yesterday. This old man was (and still is) laid up with an aching joints/headache/chills/fever flu bug. The bug isn't totally gone yet but it is on the way out. I have to say that I hate this. I had to go out and get salt and that damn near did me in. One the plus side the urge to fill my gaping maw is gone so I'm down to 190 pounds.

Here are a few links for you since I figure you don't want to read several paragraphs of me bitching, moaning and complaining.  

If you have ever wondered if  the tax guy goes after the little guy more than the big guy wonder no more, he does. I think the answer to the question of why is easy, middle class people don''t have the resources to fight back against the tax man. where the well-to-do do. All this could be avoided with a simple flat tax to cover all the costs of all three levels of government. No sales tax, no property tax no nothing except the one simple tax from what ever you earn with no deductions. 

Here is a little something for all the do-gooders out there. To the folks who insist that firearms are a dangerous thereat to society I suggest you read this little story about medical malpractice

Well that's about all from me for now up here North of Disorder. I'm going back to bed...

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