Monday, 23 May 2016

Parts is Parts

I'm sitting here at the personal confuser thinking about what lies ahead today. The weather is bright and sunny, the temp mild with little or no wind. Yes today is the day I will be doing some minor gunsmith work to a new/old rifle.

A short time ago I picked up a replacement SKS rifle that was on sale. This rifle is a replacement for one that is in overall poor condition because of my stupidity* and simple wear. The old SKS had a chrome lined barrel which was fabulous for the protection it offered. Like all things the chrome lining eventually will wear out just as this one did. I checked on the cost of replacing the barrel and it was more than buying a replacement rifle was so I bought the replacement.

Today's game plan is to strip the replacement rifle down and give it a total cleaning to get rid of all the cosmoline. Next on the to-do list will be the removal of the permanently attached bayonet. One of the strange things about the SKS is that it comes with a permanently attached bayonet which is wonderful if you are expecting a massed zombie rush but on a plinking rifle it has to go. Then I plan to remove the front sight, rear sight, spring loaded firing pin and Tapco stock from the old rifle and install them on the new rifle. Lucky for me I have the tools to do all this so I don't have to mule the SKS into the shop and pay $60 per hour to a smith. 

Tomorrow if nothing pops up I will put some 7.62X39 in the box and I will head out to the range and sight the rifle in. Depending on how well or bad I do I may post pics. 

Well that's enough from me up here North of Disorder. 

* In the military we were instructed that because of corrosive ammunition a rifle has to be cleaned three time when used. Once before firing, once after firing and once the next day because the metal will "sweat" residue from the corrosive rounds. 

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