Sunday, 15 May 2016

One More Sleep

Today's blog entry isn't going to be that long. I'm getting ready to start an epic adventure tomorrow. As with most epic adventures mine is starting with doing a laundry. Sigh... This morning I was woke up by one of those calls that everybody loves. The caller asked if this was the phone number of XXX who was a veterinarian. Shrugging off my sound sleep I told him he had the wrong number. Mr. Caller did what most considerate people would do, he...  hung up without so much as an apology for screwing with my rest.. All I have to say about Mr. Caller is that I wish a pox upon him and his household.

My lovely wife went out earlier to fetch some needed sustenance for when I'm away. As I watched her deft moves as she exited the driveway I noticed some white flakes of global warming falling from the sky. I checked the date and sure enough it was the 15th of May. Looking out again all I could think of was "What the hell?" Seeing it makes me think I should go get some socks... No damn you global warming I will not knuckle under. That reminds me, I have to go get my arctic sleeping bag out of storage for the trip. It is always better to have and not need then need and not have.

Here for your entertainment are a few links...

Well there was a lady, ZyZe McCausland, in Florida who was caught for impaired driving. She works as a stripper so she tells the officer to call where she works and then starts to eat her shirt. Why? because Florida... 

A guy walks into a car wash and demands cash while trying to convince teller the potato chip bag has a gun in it. You do know where this was heading don't you?

I wonder if this would also end the zero dark thirty house call asking if you want to do an overtime shift?

Well the laundry calls so I have to wrap this up. That's about all from here North of Disorder.

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