Sunday, 22 May 2016

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven's Door

The day started with visitors which is a good/bad thing. Being retired means we go to bed when we want and crawl out when we wake up. So there we were sawing logs when there was a pounding on the door. Of course devil may care guy that I am I took the easy option and rolled over. My thought process was it's was OK, they will go away. Then there was a second knock and this one was loud enough that my wife woke up and sprang into action. Up, dressed, visitor greeted, coffee on and still I lay there like a lump. before you think to badly of me I did actually get out and become social. 

House guest gone and now I sit at the personal confuser wondering what to chisel onto this blank page. Well since there really isn't that much to write about here are a few links for you. 

A short time ago I was coming home from doing a little shopping where there was this buzzing sound. I looked around and there it was... A drone. My neighbor was deftly piloting it around his house and front yard looking to all the works this this was as much fun as a person cold have with his clothing on. My first thought was if I ever see the drone over my property there will be hell to pay. Well it looks like technology has caught to the the drones. Here is a little device that looks like it is right out of star-wars and is made just for this issue.  

They are being tested now and sooner or later they will be a regular sight on our roads. The 'they" in this case are driverless cars. I have written about them before and how they will be a major shift in a lot of industries. Cab drivers, bus drivers, tractor trailer drivers delivery drivers the list goes on and on of the people who are going to be affected. One area that I hadn't considered will be the collection of data for ad marketing, insurance monitoring and investigations. On the plus side these companies and their buying the data may bring the cost of the vehicles down. On the bad side this will be another way to track people. 

One thing I have learned over the years is that for every law passed there is an unintended consequence. The Liberal government is hell bent on making grass smoking legal which is fine, but... Due to the fact that the THC molecule is very complex and can't be detected very easily the Cops are scrambling to find some sort of road side detector that can be used the way an alcohol breathalyzer can. 

Well my wife just came inn and wants us to go for an ice cream thus it is time to wrap this up. That's about all from up here North of Disorder. 

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