Thursday, 19 May 2016

Home, Home Again

I managed to return home last night no worse for wear after my little adventure. 

It looks like my adventure was a success with the majority of objectives done. We managed on the second day to get my friend's trailer habitable after a fashion. The first night being a little sketchy with no heat and the outside temperature going down to one degree Celsius. I have to say that I'm not a big fan of waking up and being able to see my breath any more. My days of winter camping are long gone. 

When we arrived at the trailer my friend told me that the power and water were turned off by the park owners over the winter so no heat or water the first night. In the morning we took a jaunt into town to get some propane. On the way back we stopped at the office where I coughed up some cash for parking. I asked about the water and power and was told they were on. When we got back to the trailer I checked the exterior breakers and they were fine. Then it was a game of twenty questions with my friend and some trouble shooting of my own with the end result being the restoration of power. 

One thing I must add is that my long time friend suffers from Alzheimer's and is well into the first stage. 

Next on the agenda was water. I got the water hooked up and sorted out quickly enough but the hot water was another matter. The system was totally baffling to me and the guy my friend got to winterize the trailer did a few funky things that I couldn't figure out. The end result was no hot showers and having to boil water for dish washing. Not having hot water was not the end of the world but a pain in the butt.

After some breakfast we got to work on getting his sailboat ready. 

This was a case of the blind leading the blind. It took the better part of two hours at the launch to get the boat into the water. Here we were one guy (me) with no sailboat experience at all and another guy (my friend) with a failing memory. While there were some trial and tribulations we got the boat in the water. Mind you we couldn't go anywhere because the safety gear and some other inconsequential items had been forgotten back at the trailer.    

Time passed and it was the next day. We returned to the scene of the crime (the boat had been tied up over night in an area where it should not have been) and got the little things sorted out then my friend took the boat over to the slip that he had rented for the summer. It was good seeing my friend having fun on the water but it reminded me of one thing, I'm not a sailor of anything with sails. 
The Isle of View II
A few years ago when I was looking at retirement I had this idea of buying a used sail boat and restoring it then hauling up the sails and cruising the waterways around where we live. My wife, God bless her, reminded my that reality has a nasty habit of destroying fantasies. I never really believed her until we put the Isle of View II into the water. I had thought, hey how hard could it be? Well this little exercise pounded home the fact that this is one area where you could write my qualifications in uppercase on a pin head. 

As for my friend, he has forgotten more about sailing than I will ever know. For the time being he still has just enough of his former skills to get out and enjoy the water. It has been said that God helps three kinds of people: fools, children, and drunkards. While my friend is not in any of these categories I only hope is that God would see fit to help him. 

Well that's about all from me up here North of Disorder.

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