Saturday, 14 May 2016

Grey Day

I woke this morning to an overcast, rainy windy day. Then it was down to the lab kitchen to concoct a devils brew of coffee. Once that was successfully screwed up (always remember the replace the basket) and the mess from the over flow was cleaned, I endeavored to make a second pot. This time as luck would have it I managed to get it right. Oh it is the little things like this that try men's souls.

To start the day without a cup of coffee is to simply not start the day.
I am probably not going to venture very far today. Possibly just into town for a few groceries and to replace a few sundries. The weather is just plain nasty and I don't wanna go out, so there.  Not to worry there are plenty of things to do around here. I will be starting to get things ready for my upcoming epic adventure this week. It's off to a friend's trailer to help him get things ready for the summer. It will be the little things like sleeping in long johns because it ain't gonna be all to warm at night. There will be the launching of the boat and a little sailing if the weather is nice enough. Should be a fun time. I will blog about it on Thursday when I return to my roost. 

So here are a few choice links for your entertainment...

There are those who favour raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour and there are those who say this is nuts. It all boils down to one simple question: what happens when an employee's skill set is worth less than the mandated minimum wage? To put that in English, say a person's skills are suited to a job that is worth $10 to an employer and the employer is forced, by law, to pay $15 per hour then what? Well the answer is simple, business are not charities and owners will find a work-around.

With the field narrowed to on candidate for the Republicans the question has become which republican lost the most in the run for the presidency? Personally I think the biggest looser was the Republican Party but that's just me. I'm not an American just a casual by-stander watching a train wreck.  

Then there is news on the home front how our esteemed leaders in the Liberal Party of Ontario have managed to not only screw the citizens of Ontario over, they have done it in a very spectacular fashion. It has come to the point where Ontario is thought of as the provincial version of the Maple Leaf hockey team. The saddest thing from all this is, like the Maple Leafs who are such losers yet have serious unwavering loyalty from their fans, the Ontario Liberals also have the undying loyalty of their supporters too. I guess you just can't fix stupid. 

Several times in the past I have written about how technology will replace lower wage earners. Well as it turns out those at the upper end of the spectrum aren't that safe either. I think that this is the very leading edge of the next revolution in the service industry. Oh well as for me, I'm retired and don't really give a rat's ass. 

Now into the world of fantasy... I want one of these. There, I said it. As I see it only three problems need to be overcome, first I need around a half million dollars, second I need a pilots license and third they are not for sale in North America yet. As for the first issue, meh it's just a payment. As to the second issue I can always get a license, how hard can that be? All I would have to do is learn how to miss the ground and not stray too high. Now the fact that they are not for sale here is a bit of a downer but sooner or later... 

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder. 


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