Tuesday, 10 May 2016


I've managed to get a lot done today all things considered. There was a few little bumps in the road but all is good. My biggest success was not loosing my temper at people who are tasked with helping poor little people like me. 

This morning I was up early and had the truck into the shop for some work that was done on time, under budget. These are two things I love about the guy who works on my wheels, he charges a fair price and his morals are very high regarding dealing with customers. I have been seeing him for a few years and he has never done anything but right by me. 

Then it was over to the bank and once again it was nice to deal with a guy who is fair as opposed to the investment brokers who are in it only for themselves. After the bank visit was done it was back to base for some lunch and a chat with LG about the accursed vacuum.

So I speak with LG customer service. The female on the other end is sympathetic and has no problem helping me. She is fast to give the the contact information for another place that will fix my vacuum which is good. 

Information in hand I set off south on a quest, the retrieval of my sick vacuum. I enter the lion's den where the not so helpful lady sits at her station. I explain my visit and she apologizes for my "slipping through the cracks" due to the "vacuum service specialist" being off sick. I'm cordial and polite the entire time because they hold my vacuum hostage to my good intentions and I hate scenes like this...

Soon thereafter I am outbound with  my sick vacuum. Upon arrival at my domicile I call the place only to be told by a harsh mechanical voice that the number is not in service... ARRGGG!!!  Things had been going so well, so very well.  It's OK I haven't given up, but screaming at a CSR located in another country is not the answer so I shall hold off on the call to LG until tomorrow.

Yes I do know that this is a first world problem. Yes I do know it could be worse, lots worse. Look at this guy who managed to leave the devastation of Fort McMurray and return home to Cape Breton, only to find that days before he got home his home burned down. Yes it could definitely be worse.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder. 

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