Wednesday, 4 May 2016


As I watched the news ast night the lights in in a lot of areas burned bright well past midnight waiting for the go order to be given, In places like National Defense Head Quarters and on bases in Alberta warning orders would have been issued and received, personnel recalled and O groups convened. All these people would have been getting ready to help with the situation in the town of Fort McMurray.

The latest photos from the town of Fort McMurray show something right out of an end of the world  movie which I'm sure the residents of the town think it is. By the time I post this the town will have been mostly if not totally destroyed by fire. So far by a miracle none of the 80,000 town residents have been injured. Even the political folks are not immune to the ravages of the fire. Brian Jean leader of the official opposition has lost his two homes. Today the weathertainers are saying high winds and a day the will be worse then yesterday. This will all be talked about later in the media in great detail.

Well that's about all from me up here North of Disorder.

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