Monday, 2 May 2016

Crazy Lady

I crawled out of a nice warm bed this morning because of a sound. Not just any sound, a sound that I thought might me the furnace acting up. Lately little things like sounds have been worrisome.  I have been having a slight run of bad luck. Not I can't go outside for fear of nasty thing happening bad but troublesome nonetheless. As it was I shouldn't have worried the sound was a large water truck over at the Crazy Lady's house. 

Crazy Lady moved in to our little gulch a couple of years ago. As neighbours she isn't that bad, she stays to herself and does here own thing. I figure if you don't want to be friendly with those who you might want a little help from then don't be.  Why I call here the crazy lady was from an incident last summer. Another neighbour did some landscaping for her. A short time later there was a series of tanker trucks visiting her place and draining her pond. I found out later that after the landscape work was done Crazy Lady sensed a change in the karma of the pond (ponds have karma?) so she had all the water removed and replaced with new stuff. Then she sued the neighbour that did the work for $200,000. I don't know how that ended or if it has made it to court yet however I suspect that she will loose. 

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder. 

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