Tuesday, 3 May 2016

But It's Suposed to be Tuesday

First the back story... Way back on the 16th of March in the year of our Lord 2016 I took a vacuum in to be repaired under warranty. Four weeks later I returned to the shop to find the vacuum had not even been looked at. Having worked in a place and having to deal with people who tend to yell and make a fuss I am not one to go crazy on the person simply trying to do their best. So I cut the service person some slack and agreed that I would check back in a few weeks. 

Time Passes...

On Friday I tried to contact the service shop with no luck. After a half dozen attempts I gave up. The yesterday I tried again and again failed to reach them. Every time I called the line was busy. Today I decided to give it another go and got a recording that the line was out of order. Fearing that they had folded their tent and moved into the night I went down. Much to my surprise the issue was with their phone and the vacuum still hasn't even been looked at  So here I am fuming... It's not as bad as it seems, the agreement is that by Friday if the vacuum hasn't been fixed then I will contact the maker and start looking for a plan B.  In the back on my pea sized little brain I keep thinking two things: this is the result of being a nice guy and it's Tuesday not Monday why is this happening to me? 

I guess that it could be worse. last Friday a weasel, yes a furry little weasel, took the Large Hadron Collider off line. The little thing sneaked in and managed to step on some live wires then poof he was ash and the LHC was down. The summery listed it as a Severe electrical perturbation.

Have you ever herd some one say "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye"? Well as this child found out it really is. 

It appears that the Ontario media is catching on to the reality that the political donor system works in favour of the donor. Personally I have always thought that the Liberal government of Ontario is the best government money can buy

Looks like there was an inadvertent roadside BBQ when 42,000 pounds of ham went up in flames when the truck that was doing the hauling burst into flames

It could have been worse nobody died
If the fire department could have just gotten there a little sooner...

In Dubai they have just what every fire department needs, a 200 MPH response vehicle based on a corvette. If they had gotten real smart they could have purchased a DeLorean and have the ability to visit the scene of an emergency before it took place.

Well that's enough from me up here north of disorder. 

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