Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Been There, Done That

A short time ago I was catching up on the action with the Facebook crowd. One of my FB friends that I haven't seen in years is a cousin on my Dad's side. Today he posted a bucket list thing on his page. It was a list of things that are typical bucket list stuff but some of the items actually surprised me. The first item on the list was "Fired a gun" which he had not marked with an X so I presume that he had not done this. As for me I have fired many guns over the years. From the little ubiquitous .22 LR right up to the (while in the military) Carl Gustave 84MM recoil-less rifle and a few rocket launchers (3.5 inch and M72) thrown in for good measure. These days I'm limited to what I have on hand at home for when I go out to the range.

Speaking, er, writing of the range if all goes well I will be getting out late next week (I hope to have my issues sorted out by then) to bust some caps. One item that I want to bring out is my flintlock, yes flint lock. This is one of those things that gives me joy to use because it is simply so very retro as in a few hundred years ago retro. In the past I have had it out and tried to "speed shoot" it. With everything going just right on a good day without any issues from the fates I can get three balls off in a minute. 

On the down side of owning a flintlock is the maintenance involved. Black powder is very nasty to the metal of a barrel so it's clean, clean and clean again. The funny thing about cleaning a black powder firearm is the use of simple soap and boiling water. When I tell friends who shoot about this they cringe. Oh poo, poo... one simply does not ever use water on a firearm you know. The other bad thing about flint licks is that when one is used it really annoys the other people on the range. Flintlocks generate a serious amount of smoke that other shooters find distasteful. Usually by the third or forth shot I have the place to myself. 

On the agenda for today is a little cleanup around the yard and the lawn/weed combination will get a trim. Once upon a time I was really anal about lawn care. Well the good folks at Queens Park put an end to that with the restrictions on herbicides. So now my philosophy is simply green is green. Grass is green and so are the weeds and if they are cut regular then all is good. One other thing is on the list today. I'm going to sharpen the blades on my lawn tractor. The blades right now don't cut so much as rip the foliage which is not a real good thing. 

Before I wrap this up for the day I have a link for you to look at. It is for a roach trap invented by some Japanese. If you watch the accompanied video you will see them testing the product with a sumo wrestler. On one hand this looks like a product that works well. On the other hand it looks like the Japanese have a problem with roaches the size of sumo wrestlers.   Wait, what... 

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

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