Monday, 30 May 2016

Ah Country Life

Today started out well enough. After the morning rituals were done and this biological entity was fed, watered and had consumed coffee, I was turned into the semblance of a human and I was fit to meet the day. A neighbor came over and we worked on the blades of his lawn tractor. Remember kids sharp blades make the decapitation of the grass easier. It turns out that the blades were not in bad shape the way mine were so I ended up only using a bastard file on one to touch it up as opposed to the full court press of the grinder on both. 

With that little task out of the way, there are only two things left on my agenda, first; go to Canadian Tire and pick up a connector to replace the Chinese crap on my trailer. Then there will be the installation of said connector.

Time passes...

I went into crapy  Canadian Tire and got the trailer connector without any incidents except for the "why are all the other checkout lines moving faster?" issue. I don't know what it is however whenever I visit Canadian Tire once I'm in line to pay there is always some knob in front that has to challenge every little thing. Meanwhile, there is only once cash register open and several employees standing around watching the excitement. The only thing that keeps me semi-sane is telling myself over and over that I'm retired and have all the time in the world.

Returning my little sanctuary I had some water (hey it's hot out) and started to work. One thing I changed in my plan of attack was taking time from my busy schedule and reading the instructions. I used to never do that in the firm belief that instructions were the manufacture's suggestion as to how something should be assembled. Then with tools gathered and plan of attack made it was game on. Surprising to me a short time later I was done and everything checked out OK. This reading the instruction thing I just may do more often.

So with the chores out of the way, for now, I'm sitting at the personal confuser, finishing the blog. As I type this I can't help but think, ah... the country life. Well that's about all for me today from up here North of Disorder.

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