Sunday, 10 April 2016

What a lovely Day

After a reasonable sleep I was up and at 'em  around 8 which for this retired bum is early. I had to take a trip to the outskirts of the the booming metropolis of Gravenhurst Ontario.  Recently I joined a new gun club there and today was the safety briefing. I have to admit that while I do have a lot of years and experience with firearms it was good to have the short refresher on safety. The guys I met today are a good bunch. We had a few laughs and we handled some guns and all all was good. For the next year I will be overly blessed by being a member of two clubs. It will be hard come December to have to choose what facility that I will use. Stay tuned...

Now that I'm home my butt is firmly planted on my comfy chair at the personal confuser as I watch the final round of the Masters. I know there will be a few who will role their eyes while thinking that watching golf is akin to watching paint dry. 

That's OK, my recommendation to you is simple, don't watch it. This is the only golf tournament that I watch. I watch it for the drama. Unlike any other golf tournament there is so much riding on this for the players that the drama is almost palabable. As for me I know that within two or three weeks I will be out on the links making grounds keepers cringe.

Looking to the news...

Under the "change your damn password" file there is this explanation on how the Panama Papers were stolen. Looks like the firm that was hacked passwords were not a real big concern with some being generic and others not being changed for years. An other issue was users with third party add-ons.

 “The more extensions and third-party software a site uses, the more difficult it is going to be to protect it.” - Jérôme Segura of Malwarebytes
So remember kids...  Change your damn passwords regularly.

I see that the Canadian dollar has started to recover which is nice. The economy added a few jobs and everybody is happy. Things like LEAP aside there is a lot of potential for Canada however that all depends upon how interfering in the economy the federal and provincial governments will be. Relax I'm watching the masters as I write this so I am not going to jump on the soap box. 

Well I am going to concentrate on golf so that's about it from up here North of Disorder. 



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