Saturday, 30 April 2016

Weekend Musings.

Well I actually managed to get a few things done today. Up and at 'em this morning and  the evolution into a human, done Then a peruse around the world wide web where I only noticed  a few things of interest. After which it was out and about. While on the scavenger hunt to complete the pick up list I managed to acquire a socket. A big socket, a socket so big it was big enough to swallow a... OK, sorry... getting a little carried away here. Anyway I needed a 1 1/8 inch deep socket to swap out a trailer ball on the back on my grey ghost. FYI I call my car the grey ghost because it is very near going to the bone yard and being turned into one. I would normally just swap out the hitch receiver but I have left it on so long the damn thing is rusted on. Before you ask, I could get it off with a little heat but then there is the melting plastic bumper and gas tank going boom thing to worry about. I have gone through several cans of penetrating oil to no use. I even had a guy at a garage give it a try and he failed.

The first store I went in was one of them big box types and it took a while to find that they didn't have any. I started to leave when one of Santa's little helpers shows up and asked if I had found what I was looking for. I told her no and I told her what I had come in for so back to the socket isle we went. With a great smile of accomplishment she points to a set of sockets that I had already seen. I look at the set and the price tag ($89.95) and explain again what I was looking for. "I'm sorry we don't have any individual sockets that large in stock." was here reply. Rather then being snaky for her wasting my time I smiled and left. I did manage to find one at the next place I stopped at and I bought it but I have to say for the price I paid ($11.95) this socket had better still be fully functional when the sun goes nova in a few billion years. BTW this may look like a lot of money but it's in Canadian funds so it's not that much.

After picking up the rest of the items on my list I returned home and swapped out that hitch ball. Funny how the right tool makes the job so much easier. 

Looking at the  web today the only thing I saw was the reaction to the beer smuggler who was acquitted yesterday. Looks like the Feds have jumped on the free trade withing Canada band waggon. Well better late then never I guess.
Who knows there may actually be free trade within Canada in my lifetime. I kinda doubt it with all the protectionists out there who would rather see limited sales instead of free commerce. After all it's a lot easier to sell a produce in a market with less competition.

Well I have to go and get the brats onto the BBQ. Relax,the brats were something I picked up at the deli. I don't have kids and I don't condone the eating of same. Anyway that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

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