Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuesday Meanderings

Here I sit at the personal confuser pondering what mayhem to right about. I was just on Twitter looking around and what is trending. What can I say but that the world is simply stumbling through another day. This was the biggest problem with my old blog, my life is pretty boring and there are enough bloggers who  prattle on about inconsequential things without me adding to the list. 

First off I saw a little bit of hope this morning in the guise of a robin.  

This fat little fellow was scrabbling at the hard pan of my driveway trying to get a little breakfast. Poor bastard doesn't know that the weathertainers have issued a weather statement for tonight. They are calling for 5 to 10 centimeters (1.5 to 4 inches) of snow. Well I hope he makes it but being that robins are not that bright... 

Today is... "that day" yes the day where we sort through all the paraphernalia of receipts and t-whatever for the accountant. Hopefully we will skate paying like we did last year but I have my doubts. This is one of those chores that I despise. My wife will be the first to remind me of the services that our governments provide but from my view there is a lot of waste. It's the waste that bugs me. Wastes like the CBC... Can somebody please tell me why the hell we need a federal public broadcaster? Or for that matter why is there a TVO? There are hundreds of channels and radio stations that do this already. It's not 1960 with rabbit ears and the choice of 2 or 3 channels. Bah!
I'm a retired security/PI guy and when I see things like this link I can't get over how stupid some people can be. One of the first rules of committing any crime is not to talk about it. I suspect as a corollary one should not take and post selfies of the heist. These idiots remind me of these guys...

Well as I have said before, you can't fix stupid. 
I was on Twitter earlier and one of the twits was tweeting the virtues of the other ways to cast ballots. Personally I'm a first past the post kinda guy when I vote. As for the other ways, well here is a taste of things to come, the art of rigging elections. I am starting to think that democracy is coming to an end with the advent of things like this. As for me should the democratic voting system we have in place now be replaced that will be the end of voting for me.
Well that's about it for me up here North of disorder.   

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