Monday, 4 April 2016

The Monster That Will Not Die and Other Musings

I woke up late today do the trash didn't get to the curb on time. Last night we had a lovely bit of spring snow with an accumulation of around an inch and a half or two. And LEAP has reared it's ugly head once again. 

LEAP is a monster that is being promoted by the looters and moochers again and will simply not die. The LEAP manifesto sets out a course that would be the ruin of Canada. There are some few good ideas here but the majority, if implemented are simple, short sighted and destructive. The cost of implementing LEAP would be nothing short of horrendous for all Canadians.

The biggest flaw in the LEAP Manifesto is the failure to take into account human nature. What entrepreneur would, in their right mind, invest in a system where they face loosing more of their hard earned money to higher taxes? What entrepreneur would, in their right mind, invest in a system where they face greater hurdles in making money? 
The LEAP Manifesto is, simply put, a loaded gun placed at economies head. To implement LEAP is to pull the trigger.  

Click... Rant mode off.

Last night say another bit of spring fall from the shy in the form of 2 inches of snow. To the person or persons why still want to ski and are praying for more snow, STOP IT! You have had your fun now it's time for the people who like shorts, t-shirts and sandals to have their turn. Is that too much to ask? Looking at the next two weeks weather wise there is still too much of the white stuff. If the weathertainers are to be believed it will not be until around the 15th of the month before the weather gets nice. Oh well at least I can watch the Masters on TV this weekend.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder...

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